Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6 Reasons a Rural Retreat May Not Be the Safe Refuge You Might Think.

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Way back in 2007, when I first became aware of the need to prepare for an increasingly uncertain future, I was convinced that our family needed to move from the city to a hidey-hole, commonly referred to as a, "survival retreat." Preferably in Idaho.
Our retreat would be located at least 25 miles from the nearest interstate and 10 miles from the nearest town, which would have no more than 1000 residents. We would be safe from zombie biker gangs and hoards of desperate people leaving the big cities en masse.
Since then, I've given a lot of thought to survival retreats and have come to realize they aren't the be all, end all when it comes to preparedness and survival. Here's why.

1. Rural areas are hot spots that attract the self-reliant and libertarian learning citizens.
In case you haven't noticed, self-reliance isn't exactly a lifestyle encouraged by a federal government and many state governments intent on increasing the level of dependency of citizens. Incredibly, top politicians boast of the number of Americans on food stamps and are actively working toincrease those numbers!
Citizens wishing to decrease their level of government dependence areviewed with suspicion. Without a doubt, those living in rural areas will come under increasing scrutiny as their activities are viewed as oppositional to those of the federal government. You will be in their bullseye.
2.  In a word, drones.
Recently it was reported that the federal government had some 30,000 spy drones it was willing to bequeath to law enforcement agencies across the country. Has your local police or sheriff's department requested one of these? Is there any reason to believe it won't be used to spy on the activities of innocent civilians, especially those who may show signs of uppity self-reliance activities?
It has been reported that these drones have been used by the EPA to keep track of the activities of independent farmers and ranchers. I can't think of a single reason why they won't be used to check out "suspicious activities" of those living off the radar.
3.  Google knows where you live!
Do you really think your survival retreat hasn't been mapped by Google? Activate a drone, and a survival retreat is less of a retreat, with survival questionable. And, Google has a very cozy relationship with the federal government.
4. Government entities with limitless money and power but no accountability are almost impossible to fight.
Here is just a sampling of stories that illustrate all too well how powerless a rural family is against the force of government.
How many rural families have the time and resources to fight unjust charges and policies? Not many, and I haven't even started on the I.R.S.!
5. The drought could spell big trouble for rural retreats.
I've noticed that every crisis seems to cause some in government to react with reactionary speeches and, often, unnecessary policies. The current droughthas me worried because I can easily see it used as an excuse for government interference with the use of well water. How hard would it be for an agency to declare that one person or another was, "using more than their 'fair share' of water," and regulating well water usage for everyone? 
6.  Leave it to the United Nations to harass rural Americans.
Has your local news media been covering Agenda 21? No? Thought not. Americans don't even realize that the policies of this oppressive document are already being implemented in many states. The goals of Agenda 21 areshocking. You can read all the official documentation here 
I haven't written this to discourage anyone from establishing a retreat somewhere away from big cities, but I think it's important to not over-estimate the level of security such a retreat might bring. 
No, I don't think cities are safer! They come with their own challenges and dangers, but at least city-dwellers are aware of their vulnerabilities. Too often, survival pros sell the concept of a "survival retreat" as a cloak of immunity from coming troubles.

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