Thursday, February 28, 2013

Organize your pantry, The potential dangers of flu shots during pregnancy, Iowa to legalize raw milk, More drugs in your meat, Some DIY food storage.

Some more great articles for you to start out the month of March right.  :-)

From The Survival Mom...

She's got a very good point.  You can't really start prepping until you have a general idea of what you already have.  Common sense.... but that's really not all that common anymore.

From The Health Ranger....

Yay Iowa... making me proud to call this state my home.  :-)

And on the topic of canning/preserving food....

How to store home made minced garlic.  Easy enough even I think I could do this.  ;-)

Home made spaghetti sauce... looks soooo yummy!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A brick rocket stove & a few gardening videos.

Build an improved brick rocket stove for about $10

I like this a lot.  Can hardly wait to get a chance to try it.  :-)

From LDS Prepper...

Definitely stuff that I didn't know... 8 I hate, 9 is fine... good to remember.
I thought this would be interesting to include as well...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More "gems" from Chicago's police chief.

Oh my! I probably shouldn't be surprised at any of the crap coming out of Chicago these days, but wow... Check out the latest "gem" coming from the Chicago police chief...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Eating fats & Oils, Eat more berries & Soda/Pop bottle gardening.

Here's some more potentially useful information for you.  I try on this blog to give a variety of information fro several different sources for you, the reader, to sort out as you wish.  Probably more successful at that some days than others and I suppose to some extent, that my own views can creep in during the selection process, but I do try to be impartial while still getting out hat I consider to be important information.  I encourage you all (however man there may actually be who read this) to leave me comments (preferably nice ones... really, who wants the negative comments?  Life is too stressful as it is anyway.) and help me to tailor the content on this blog to better suit my readers etc...

Anyway, off the soapbox now... LOL!  :-)

Here's one from The Health Ranger (big surprise I know... what can I say, he usually does some pretty good work)...

And I thought this video on soda bottle gardening was cool... might have to start getting my close friends & family to start saving their soda bottles and try this as soon as Spring hits (I am SO over winter already!  :-)

Soda Bottle Gardening

I do have to admit, I cringed whenever he used the box cutter thing to cut that bottle... probably just the Mom in me screaming how unsafe that was.  LOL!  :-)  Still a cool video though.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chronically ill children, Treating chronic pain naturally and....... Get thee to the dollar store!

More information that you might find useful....

From The Health Ranger ... 
(yes, I know... I regularly cite his articles... Can't help it.  The man brings up some very good points.)

And from The Survival Mom:

I think I often forget about the dollar store as well and end up paying way more for the same items at the big box stores.  So this article was particularly relevant to me.  :-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fruity water, Thrive Live, Sustainable Balcony Gardening...

Kinda going to be all over the place with topics, but bear with me.  It'll hopefully be worth it.  :-)

Cool idea!  Might have to try this one.  :-)

A little goofy with the sombrero in the beginning, but still yummy!

A bit hard to understand in parts (maybe because I'm tired though), but she does have a link at the end in case you want to get written notes.  Helpful.  :-)

Deadly new autoimmune disease, Drones, 5 year old accused of being a terrorist.

Here we go again...

Lots of new info from our friend, The Health Ranger...

And this one is just plain dumb....

Seriously people?  She's 5 years old!  I don't think she's planing anything nefarious... heck, she probably can't even spell it yet.

Home Security Basics.

Well... I've done some digging around and here's my daily dose of information for you.  Hopefully it will prove useful to you.  :-)  Even if it is only one item.

From The Survival Mom:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Secondhand smoke, Flu Vaccine = insect virus, Radioactive dinnerware, Deadly gene found in GMO crops.

More interesting headlines for you...

Might just be time to go look up the best way to grow as much of your own food as possible..YouTube is a pretty good place to start.  Maybe seed banks like would be a god place to get started. Perhaps you can even check out sites or places that sell good dehydrated food (for the stuff that you can't really grow on your own)... There's a banner on the right hand side of this blog for a good company that I happen to technically (I say technically because well... apparently my friends & neighbors  aren't interested in food storage or preparing for emergencies... well aside from one friend & my Mom) work for that has some great options.  They can be a bit pricey, but if you try food in the pouch or pantry sized cans, then you haven't spent too much money on it in case you don't like it, but if you do, they often have clearance deals each month, so you can upgrade to the #10 sized cans pretty cheaply.  They even sell some great emergency preparedness supplies too.  Ok, ok... shameless plug over... LOL!  ;-)