Friday, July 13, 2012

Yummy Dutch Oven Cooking!

I found this yummy post on and it's totally got me craving the peach cobbler that they have included in this post!  :-)

Here's some information that Jodie & Julie were able to compile based on the handouts they are given when they had a Dutch Oven cooking event at church.  :-)

Cooking tips:

  • Protect your dutch oven from wind and rain, or add extra coals to compensate.
  • Remember, it’s not an exact science, be ready to add or take away coals as needed (usually add).
  • Cooking meat? Move coals to the bottom.
  • Baking bread or desserts? Move coals to the top
  • Meals that require more than 30-45 minutes to cook may need new coals added during cooking. If so, light new coals soon enough to allow them to get going before you need them.
  • Keep the lid closed! Avoid peaking more than needed.
Cleaning Instructions:

Never use soap!  Different people have different methods for cleaning their dutch oven. The goal is not to get down to bare metal. Use a spatula or scraper to remove all leftover food and sauces. Use a clean rag to wipe out as much residue as you can. Then add about a cup of salt, and use another couple of clean rags to scrub the bottom and sides smooth. Then remove the salt, wipe down with oil, and place it back on the remaining coals for 5-10 minutes. Then give it a final wipe down and it’s ready for the next time. Most quality dutch ovens come with cleaning and seasoning instructions.

Easy Cobbler Recipe:

1 large can of sliced peaches
1 box yellow cake mix
1 can soda (lemon lime or ginger ale)
About 1/4 cup butter
Cinnamon to taste

Directions:Heat enough coals to cook at 350 degrees F. Dump peaches with juice into dutch oven. Spread cake mix over the peaches evenly. Pour 1 can of soda evenly over the cake mix. Place a few thin slices of butter on top. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Cook until firm. Serve hot with cold ice cream!

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