Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Would you be prepared?

Yet another power outage in India.  Yes, they're used to it, but the last ones have been way worse and it raises the question... Would you be prepared in a similar situation?

I also saw this one on the Wall Street Journal site and it raises the same question....

I  imagine most farmers have some form of insurance, but this drought is only getting worse and what do you think all of this is going to do to food prices?  I'm not saying any of this to scare anyone or to get you to buy your preparedness items from me.  Obviously, I'd love it if you did, but it's bad enough now that it doesn't matter to me where you get it from, just do some research and get the best you can, while you can.  Do you really want to risk your family's well being & just hope things get better?  It'd be great if it really did work like that, but let's face it... life just doesn't work like that at all.

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