Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Will Shelf Reliance Ensure Food in the Future?

Thanks so much to Becky Myers Powell for this great information!  :-)  I know I've been asked many times about if Shelf reliance's Thrive foods are organic & if not, when are they planning to making it organic?  Well, here you go!  :-)

The goal of the Shelf Reliance Company is to have a supply of food at the new warehouse for each Q customers to fill 3 months of orders at the customer's budgets. The reason for this is to ensure against inflation of the dollar, supply and demand, and pure concern for our customers. They take a risk attempting to store this product just like we all do when we order Thrive and store it in our homes. But what they are doing is protecting against any eventuality just as we are doing at home.

 One way to ensure our production is to source our foods from US producers. Depending on the growing season, we also attain great quality of food in Europe and South America. SR has over 30 different distributors under legal contract to provide food sources far into the future.  We will also be going organic in the future!

"THRIVE uses only U.S. based suppliers that are regulated by and conform to FDA and USDA requirements. We have spent significant time, effort and money in carefully choosing our manufacturing partners to ensure the best quality and value in all our products. We keep our supplier list confidential in order to protect this valuable competitive advantage " HP Admin

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