Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Become a Shelf Reliance Consultant for only $160!

Thanks so much to Becky Meyers Powell for this great info!

Become a Shelf Reliance Consultant TODAY ONLY for $160!!  (that's way less than I paid!)

Hello Q Customers,

As Q customers you are fulfilling the ONLY requirement to receive 
comimssion as a Shelf Reliance Consultant - a Q of $50. 
Right now we have a special where you can get your 
consultant starter kit for only $160!!! 
This is a SUPER DEAL! 
So if you're serious about starting your own business 
for less than $200 please let me know ASAP!

As a consultant ANY order you make outside your Q 
entitles you to get 10% commission on that order and 
10% back in FREE product. So if you want to purchase 
a Harvest 72" at $264.99 you get $26.49 in commission 
and $26.49 back in FREE product. 
Now that's UNBEATABLE!! 
This is how consultants get so much for free! 
You don't even have to work the business - just make money 
and free product back on your own purchases.

If you decide to "work the business" then of course you could 
make a lot more money and I can teach you how.

You can choose from 2 amazing kits: Consultant Starter Kit 
and Consultant Value Starter Kit. 
See link below for details. 
The Consultant tStarter Kit will cost $160 +SH= $179.99 
and the Consultant Value Starter Kit will cost $231 +SH = $254.10 .

Consultant Materials Pricing

Please contact meTODAY to take advantage of this special .

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