Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's only getting worse...

Things here in the midwest are only getting worse it seems.  So if you can afford to grab a few extra cans of food or maybe some camping/emergency suppliers, now is the time to get as prepared as possible (and no, I'm not just saying that to sell and Shelf Reliance).

Check out this article I found on Reuters about just how bad things have gotten here in Iowa...

  Please check out my Shelf Reliance Consultant site (link above), but also sites like:

Survival Entereprises - Kurt Wilson - TONS of great info and products to help you!

The Survival Mom - Lisa Bedford's awesome blog!

And there's also...

The Texas Trainer - Becky Meyers Powell  I've gotten a ton of information from Becky and I am so grateful for her, Kurt and Lisa.  :-)

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