Sunday, August 26, 2012

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: School Supplies for Survival

I found this over at one of my favorite blogs...yep, you guessed it...  And since the kids are heading back to school or heading to school for the first time, I thought it was a pretty good time to share it with all of you.  :-)

It’s that time again.  Kids and parents are hitting school supply stores and filling their carts with unblemished binders, unchewed pencils, and reams of notebook paper.  Prices on school supplies will never be lower.  Now is the time for you to think about which supplies might come in handy in your preparedness efforts.  Keep an eye out for store and manufacturers coupons for even greater savings.  These supplies, in particular, always come in handy.
  • Binders are a great way to organize recipes using your food storage items, aSurvivalMom Binder, a Grab-n-Go Binder, school records, and much, much more.
  • Sharpies and similar markers are extremely useful in 72 Hour Kits and stashed in the glove compartment of your car.  If you ever need to make a quick “GET HELP!” sign, you’re ready.
  • Spiral notebooks — select different colors for each topic in your preparedness research, i.e. Home Security Ideas, Practical Skills I Need to Learn, Emergency Evacuation Routes, etc.  An added plus is that, unlike 3-ring binders, the pages in a spiral can never just fall out.
  • Composition books can be purchased for a buck or so and come  in handy when taking notes, making lists, and keeping inventories.
  • Notebook dividers are essential in any binder and can be purchased for just a few cents right now.
  • Zippered, 3-ring pencil cases for holding small supplies in your binders.
  • Inexpensive, lightweight backpacks.  Perfect for individual 72 Hour Kits and to keep in your vehicle in case you ever need to abandon it and need to carry supplies with you.
  • Colored pencils, inexpensive coloring books, anything to keep kids entertained in a long car drive or evacuation.  Keep these stored in your Vehicle 72 Hour Kit.  I don’t recommend crayons because they make a melted mess in a hurry on hot days.
  • Small pair of scissors.  Keep a pair in your Vehicle Kit, a pair with your sewing or knitting supplies, a set in your desk, and anywhere else you find yourself thinking, “Now where did I put those scissors?”
After you’ve stocked up on  your kids’ supplies, wander the aisles one more time, looking through the eyes of a SurvivalMom.  The prices are right, so stock up!

Well said Lisa!  :-)  Couldn't have said it better, so I didn't even try to.  LOL!  :-)

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