Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Post From My Aunt (Winnie's Sweet Slaw), Great shows on The Survival Mom Radio Network, A Very Inspiring Story, 15 Ways To Re-opurpose Your "Trash", The Many Uses for Real Cream and A great video from Mountain Woman

Got some really great ones for you this time!  Check them out!  :-)

This first one is a post on my Aunt's blog and I have got to say, she definitely has a knack for finding really good and yummy recipes to post and she just generally has a great blog!  Not that I'm biased or anything.... LOL!  ;-)

And I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows (Simply Canning with Sharon Peterson) on The Survival Mom Radio Network and she was talking about canning apples and all of the different ways you can preserve those YUMMY apples and man, oh man.... I am so craving apples now!  Check it out!

And check out this cute & totally inspiring story....

Boy hopes chocolate bars will save best friend

And from one of my other favorite shows on The Survival Mom Radio Network... Mountain Woman Journals with Tammy Trayer ...

MWJ Survival Series #7 - Discussing on clothing and footwear

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