Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where To Get Heirloom Seeds, Saving Seeds, A Yummy Looking Kale Salad, The Survival Mom On How To Survive Mall Violence and Step By Step with The Survival Mom - Lesson 2.

Well, I've dug up some really good info for you this time that should make it worth the wait...

Surprising what info you can find just by killing a little time on Pinterest.. LOL!

And From one of my favorite people... The Survival Mom....

The Survival Mom (aka, Lisa Bedford), also did a show on this topic and it aired this last week on The Survival Mom Radio Network... Her show is called: The Survival Mom Radio Hour with Lisa Bedford and I highly recommend checking out not only her show, but also check out the other shows on the Survival Mom Radio Network and the awesome ladies that host those shows.  I never miss a show!  :-)

And here's Lisa's 2nd lesson in the Step-by-Step lesson series... Step-by-Step with The Survival Mom: Lesson 2, Define your diaster & Set priorities.

Well, I'd say that definitely qualifies as a decent sized blog post on various topics.... Hopefully you'll find them as interesting as I did.  :-)

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