Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great info from my favorite shows on The Survival Mom Radio Network, Potentially Harmful Shampoo, 16 Sources of Antioxidants, Sore Muscle Relief, Naturally Sweetened Chocolates.... YUMMY!

Well I think I've managed to find some good information for you this time... let me know what you think and definitely leave me a comment.  Even if it's jut to say hello or maybe suggest a topic for me to research and cover here on my blog.  I really do enjoy a little feedback now & then (as long as it's mostly positive. LOL!)  :-)

Alternative & Backup Lighting.  I personally love this show (as I do pretty much every shoe on the The Survival Mom Radio Network. One thing that I like about this particular show is how the hostess, Kristi Stone, presents the various options in a way that gets the point across without making you smack your forehead wondering why you didn't think of it (though that may happen anyway because these are some pretty simple, yet effective options). 

Another good show on this network is Surviving on Shoestrings with Donna Miller.  
It's always a great show and this week's episode was on Essential Oils.  Donna had her daughter, Brittney on and she was very knowledgeable on the topic.  Definitely a very enjoyable show.  :-)

From Natural News.com....

Is your shampoo harming your health?  Good thing I found a recipe for making my own shampoo & conditioner at diynatural.com.  So excited to try it out as soon as my commercial shampoo runs out.  :-)

And speaking of goodies found at DIY Natural.com.....

I hope you enjoy this post and get a lot of great and maybe yummy (in some sense) information.  I look forward to hearing your feedback as I said earlier so that I can tailor future blog posts to better suit my readers.  :-)

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