Thursday, September 12, 2013

Conventional Chicken Intentionally Contaminated with Arsenic, Apple Cider Vinegar shows promise against Diabetes complications, Natural ways to beat a Cold or the Flu, Why GMO's are a big deal, Vaccine Facts and New Survival Mom Lessons.

Well, I think I might just have an interesting post in store for you tonight... Check it out...

And I just thought that I disliked chicken due to having worked at a KFC back in the day.... Trust me, that alone will totally turn you off on chicken... and if that doesn't, this new bit of information will.

I make a great hair conditioner/detangler with Apple Cider Vinegar And it works amazingly well... I had no idea that it was being used to fight diabetes too though.

I may have blogged about this a while back, but with fall on the way, it kind of bears repeating.

Not trying to stir anybody up, but this definitely gives you some food for thought.

This is SO cool!  I can hardly wait to try this out.  School is in session ladies!  :-)

I've been listening to Lisa Bedford (aka, The Survival Mom) for ages now and am proud to be a member of her blog ring.  I can hardly wait!  It's Survival Mom School!  :-)

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