Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Many Uses of Chamomile Tea, A Great Canning Tutorial, A Very Interesting Pinterest Pin and Yummy Freezer Jam!

Well,  I hope you will find the items included in this post interesting like I did.

Didn't know Chamomile Tea was good for so many things.  :-)

And I found this great tutorial for canning that makes it sound super easy... maybe I'll have to try it out sometime & let you know how it worked out.  Might need to borrow a pressure cooker though.  :-)

And here's a pin that I found while wasting time on Pinterest.... had no idea that some of these items weren't necessarily intended for use the way we've probably all been using them...

18 everyday products you've been using wrong. 
Me too though so don't feel too bad.  LOL!  Except for number 13... I'm pretty sure that's not your typical tobacco smoking pipe... at least I've never seen one like that.  Maybe I'm just sheltered.  

And check out this blog post about how to make Easy Freezer Jam.

That looks SO good!  Makes me think of the time my truck driving friend, Sharon taught a bunch of us ladies how to make a similar type of freezer jam at a church thing.  :-)

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