Friday, August 16, 2013

Echinacea Benefits, Yummy Homemade Tortillas, Safest place to carry your firearm, DIY Self Watering Garden Container, Videos from Tammy Trayer of Mountain Woman Journals.

Well I found some more pretty interesting articles for you and maybe even a video or two (or 5... LOL!).  :-)  Hopefully you'll find them interesting as well.  

And these tortillas look yummy all on their own....

and from The Preparedness Pro,

And I know I'm sort of all over the place with this post, but here's a youtube video (or maybe more) that I thought might be useful...

DIY Self-Watering Garden Container

From Mountain Woman Journals' Tammy Trayer... Some fire starting methods in case you need them... I'd highly recommend checking out Tammy's youtube videos a long with her blog/website at  Lots of great information there.

MWJ Survival Series #2 - Modern Methods of Fire Starting

MWJ Survival Series #3 - Traditional Fire Starting Methods

MWJ Survival Series # 4 - Primitive Fire

MWJ Survival Series #5 - Fire Starting Materials

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