Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cancer Breakthrough, Smart Meters, Insect dye found in yogurt, Amazing benefits of strawberries, 7 natural ways to beat morning fatigue without coffee, Taking care of your aching back naturally and fire starting tips from Mountain Woman Journals' Tammy Trayer.

Well, I found a few more articles that I found interesting and I hope you find them interesting too.  :-)

Ok,now that's just plain gross!  So much for thinking yogurt was healthy.

And from Mountain Woman Journals' Tammy Trayer:

I really love listening to Tammy's show in the Survival Mom Radio network along with all of the other great hosts that are a part of that fountain of knowledge that if I'm lucky I can finally get caught up on the shows just as a new batch is released.  LOL!  So much information, I'm lucky that I get any sleep.  :-)  Check out all of the great and tremendously informative and often times humorous shows on The Survival Mom Radio network here.

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