Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A great post from Jamerrill Stewart, Five amazing herbal teas, Homeowner sues to stop smart meter installation, Benefits of Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil and a great video from Tammy Trayer of Mountain Woman Journals! :-)

I wasn't really planning to update tonight/ this morning, but when I was messing around on pinterest (seriously WAY too easy to kill time there... LOL!), I found a goodie or two that I totally had to share.  :-)

I totally forgot that I followed Jamerrill's blog at all.... Maybe I ought to check it a bit more often.  ;-)

How to harvest Dandelion - Mountain Woman Journals.

If you'll remember, my last post contained a rather useful bit of information about how truly useful Dandelions are, so I thought this video was particularly great.  Thanks to Tammy Trayer from Mountain Woman Journals.  Be sure to catch Tammy's radio show (of the same name... Mountain Woman Journals) on The Survival Mom Radio Network along with other great shows from a really great bunch of ladies that I truly enjoy hearing from each week.  It's my favorite thing to tune in to when I actually have my "me time".  ;-)

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