Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get your emergency plan in place ASAP!

Get your emergency plan in place ASAP!

Preparing yourself and your family with an emergency kit and plan will reduce anxiety and panic should you find yourself in a disaster situation.
Many emergencies don't allow time for people to assemble even the most basic items, which makes it all the more necessary to own the supplies your family requires. Shelf Reliance offers first aid kits and outdoor gear that you can add to your own emergency kit with our Emergency Planner. Simply enter your family's information and select a few personal settings, and the planner will provide you with a list of all the materials you need.

This will walk you through each step and build a plan for you based on the information you input.  Pretty helpful tool I'd say.  :-)

And I found this on youtube... thought I might as well share it so everyone can be aware of what exactly we are eating every day and worse, what we are feeding our children.

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