Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sailing with Thrive!

Just got this in an email from my company & I thought I'd share it... :-)

Matt Rutherford just became the first person to ever solo circumnavigate the Americas without ever stopping at a port, and he did it eating almost nothing but THRIVE. We donated a year’s supply of THRIVE to him for his voyage, which required foods with an extended shelf life that would keep him healthy over almost a year at sea. He loved how easy it was to make hearty soups and stews with our meats and vegetables, especially the Chopped Chicken, Broccoli, Sweet Corn, and Ground Beef. “Having the food freeze dried and ready to go, with the meats already cooked and the fruits and veggies all chopped up, cut my meal prep time at least in half,” he told us. He also loved to snack on THRIVE foods like Sausage Crumbles, Apple Chips, and Mangoes right out of the can. Learn all about Matt Rutherford’s amazing journey on our blog, and shop his favorite foods below to make THRIVE part of your success story!

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