Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More really great information! :-)

I've been looking around at some of my favorite sites and blogs and I found some really great information for you.  :-)

Here's some from Lisa at thesurvivalmom.com.....


And here's a post from Lisa that I thought was so cool that I thought I'd post it here too.... Hope that's ok Lisa.... I am so going to check out the IPhone ones!


Canning and gardening have become so popular that the phone app business has taken notice.  If you have a smart phone, some great apps are just a click away.  These apps can give you canning tips, your altitude (important to know when you’re canning), planning and maintaining a productive garden, and there’s even an app for beekeepers!
Here are just a few apps that I came across that I thought looked like winners.
Android apps
How to Can (Mother Earth News)
Garden Guide (Mother Earth News)
Beekeeper Hub (I know it’s not about canning but I thought it was pretty cool info!)
iPhone apps
The Gardening Guide (Mother Earth News)
How to Can (Mother’s Earth News)
…and here’s a list of 10 other gardening apps for the iPhone, and here’s 10 more!
Increase the productivity of  your garden

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