Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Generic drug companies granted total immunity, Pepsi still contains cancer causing ingredient, Scorpion poison in GM crops, 12 ways to reduce your ecological footprint & Essential oils.

I thought that these were some pretty thought provoking articles....

So glad we don't drink much soda.  Little to none actually.

Pesticides containing genetically-modified scorpion poison to become recombinant DNA in GM crops.

And then there's this from DIY  I was surprised to see that we're already doing a lot of these things.  Go figure!  LOL!  :-)

I've been hearing a lot about essential oils from the ladies on The Survival Mom Radio Network and I'm really looking forward to diving right into the world of essential oils.  I'm very curious to see what kinds of things that I can use them for.  :-)

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