Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Survival Mom Q & A, Candlemaking.

Got another bit of great info for you, gathered from various trusted sources.  :-)

From LisaBedford at,

And you're going to need a light/heat source...

I think she was starting to hear Sandy knocking on her door even as she recorded this.  Hope she's ok.  Might have to try this one myself at some point... I wonder what my local wal-mart has for candle making supplies....

I'm also thinking of checking out the various DIY sites to find out about making various things (hygiene items & what not) and maybe doing a "Skill of the Month" thing like over at  What do you think?  Please leave me comments and let me know what if any skills would be interesting and useful for a person to learn so that they can be better prepared in the event of another natural disaster or even a man made one.

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