Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prepping lists (A Must Read), Asparagus & Organic vs Non-Organic.

Another great post that I found from a guest author on Survival ....

I also got this in an email and I thought that I'd better pass it along for all of you asparagus lovers out there.....

Foods like this would really come in handy if one was in the kind of disaster listed above.  And check out this video!

I so didn't realize you could make this at home to can & store!  YUMMY!  Guess what's going on my next grocery list?  ;-)

And I found this video to be interesting too....

Organic vs Non-organic.

And I found so many other options that I can hardly wait to check out here: Container gardening in condos or apartments.  I think this would be useful to everyone because even if you have a regular house, maybe you can maximize your growing space by utilizing your deck and or patio.  :-)

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