Thursday, October 18, 2012

Strawberry freezer jam and some great emergency prep supplies!

Found a great post from my aunt's blog that I think you ladies might want to check out... looks sooo yummy!  :-)

Also... Check out the great deals from Shelf Reliance!  When you think of it in terms of how much food you buy in a year, the prices aren't bad at all.  :-)

Check it out here!

And check out these matches!  Wow!  Definitely a must have!

This blender is awesome too... totally craving that peach smoothie right now!  :-)

Definitely check out my on-line store (listed above) for these great products and much more! And tell your friends too!  Can you really ever be too prepared?  I think your family being able to survive and even thrive after some form of hardship (which, let's be honest... how far away is that hardship for any of us?) is well worth the price.  :-)

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