Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Will be back to operational status soon!

I apologize to anyone who follows this blog for not posting for the past few days. As my close friends & family are aware, I was recently admitted to a local hospital for what turned out to be an old root canal that had ended up failing rather spectacularly. It had gotten so infected over the course of the night this past Easter Sunday that by the following night, it had forced nearly my entire face & neck to swell up to at least 3 times their original size. So I was admitted to the hospital after a few hours in the ER (thanks so much to my Dad for staying with me through the whole process) and was only just released Wednesday afternoon after the doctor had determined that the swelling had indeed gone down to an acceptable level so that my dentist could safely remove the tooth. The next step is to get the swelling & remaining infection to drain & heal so we can then think of tooth replacement options. I just hope that I don't have to do a partial denture. I'm not even 34 yet & somehow that thought makes me feel way older than I'm ready for. Lol! :-). Anyway, thanks so much to my amazing parents, my totally amazing & supportive husband, my totally therapeutic son & the surprisingly large network of friends & extended family that stepped in to lend the necessary support. I love you all do much & am so very thankful! :-). I promise to get this blog back to full operating status ASAP.

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