Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Container Gardening! :-)

Gardening in Containers

Source: Provident Living Website

Many people who live in apartment buildings or houses with little or no yard space may think they cannot follow the prophet’s counsel to plant a garden. But you can grow quite a bit of food in pots and hanging planters inside your home or on a balcony. This activity will help you get started gardening in containers. Even if your family has plenty of outdoor garden space, you might want to try growing some of your vegetables indoors.


You can plant in almost any kind of container. Try using plastic jugs, garbage cans, milk cartons, cans, plastic bags, baskets, a wagon bed, kitchen canisters, or clay pots. The bottom of the container should have several small drain holes and be lined with 2 to 3 inches of small gravel before you put in the topsoil. Hang containers from windows, put them on windowsills or in window wells; line your sidewalk or driveway with them, or hang them from your ceiling.


The following link will take you directly to a chart on the Provident Living site that contains a handy chart about some common garden vegetables and how you can plant them in containers on your deck or patio, i case you don't have access to much garden space. :-) Just copy & paste it right into your browser's address bar.


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