Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big savings for big families!

Thanks to Becky Powell for the update from convention!  :-)

No Coupon Required! $5449.99

With clearly marked serving sizes, color coded food groups, and easy-to-make recipes included on every can, THRIVE foods make everyday menu planning easy. Our pre-assembled one year food storage package was developed to supply five people for up to one year. It also includes two Harvest 72" #10 Food Rotation Systems, which will allow you to combine the great taste of THRIVE with the convenience of easy food organization and rotation. We also give you the option to choose between regular and #10 Harvest systems so your needs are met (see features section below).

This package will also accommodate ten people for up to six months and two people for up to two years.  Total Calories: 2,803,995 (approximately 1,536 calories per person, per day)
Package includes 2 Harvest 72" #10 Food Rotation Systems and #10-sized cans in the following quantities:


30 Quick Oats
20 Spaghetti
17 Cornmeal
23 Instant White Rice
55 Hard White Winter Wheat
20 White Flour
62 Whole Wheat Flour 
14 Potato Beads
2 Split Green Peas
8 Carrot Dices
14 Potato Chunks
12 Tomato Powder
4 Sweet Corn - Freeze Dried
7 Chopped Onions - Freeze Dried 
5 Mushroom Pieces - Freeze Dried


5 Banana Chips
5 Peach Slices
5 Apple Slices  
5 Strawberries - Freeze Dried
5 Raspberries - Freeze Dried


5 Cheese Blend
60 Instant Milk
4 Chocolate Drink Mix
5 Butter Powder


8 Pinto Beans
7 Small Red Beans
7 Small White Navy Beans
7 Lentils
8 Lima Beans


6 Chicken Bouillon
2 Iodized Salt
5 Baking Soda
4 Baking Powder
36 White Sugar  

* The featured picture contains less food than this package includes. 2 Harvest #10's will hold 224 cans. This package comes with 482 cans. If you would like to purchase additional Harvest #10's, please call our office at 877-743-5373 for special pricing.
Package Includes 482 #10 Cans

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