Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Remedies for Pink Eye, Natural remedies for cough & cold season, 12 great uses for Tea Tree Oil andGreat Depression Cooking: Clara's Twice Baked Potatoes (Video).

Hey everyone!  I bet you never thought I'd actually remember to update.  LOL!  Been kind of crazy lately.  Even got a new nephew yesterday... Welcome to the world little Cullen Matthew!  :-)

Anyway, here's a collection of articles and various other information that I thought you might find useful.  Please let me know if you like it and how I can make things even better (just try to keep it nice... LOL!)  :-)

I thought that my public schooling friends and family might like this one... 

And from Natural

And check this out... I LOVE tea tree oil!  

Some really good stuff!  :-) 

And here's a really great video from Clara (Youtube - Great Depression Cooking)

I really love this lady's videos.  I could really just sit and talk with someone like Clara for hours.  I love the stories that people of her generation (of whom there really aren't many left) can share with us.  I have a feeling that those stories might prove very useful someday soon.

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