Thursday, March 22, 2012

REAL fruit snacks!

Just got an email form the company about this and I thought that if I do actually have any blog followers (aside from're so awesome by the way! I want to be just like you when I grow up........ LOL!), they might want to know about this.....

There's no better snack than fruit—it's delicious, tangy, and good for you too. Thanks to the innovative freeze drying process of THRIVE that seals in the flavor of fruits picked at the peak of freshness, you can enjoy your favorite fruits any time of year. THRIVE fruits have a shelf life of decades, so you don't have to worry about spoilage and waste, and they taste great right out of the can or tossed into yogurt, cereal, or baked goods. Try the real "fruit snack" this week with delicious, convenient, and long-lasting THRIVE fruits.

Banana Chips: $27.39 (#10 can ... trust me, these are sooo yummy, you're going to want to go with the #10 can)

Blueberries: $43.59 (#10 can)

Mangoes: $ 24.69 (I haven't tried these yet myself, but I love Mangoes, so I'm looking forward to trying them soon! ;-) ....)

Apricots (FD): $28.09 (#10 can)

Pineapples: $35.89 (sooo yummy! Way better than the dried pineapple chunks that you can find in the grocery stores and no, I'm not just saying that because I'm selling these. They're so yummy that I've got a #10 can of them coming for my semi-picky 4.5 year old who loves them.)

There are lots more yummy deals at (just copy & paste that url into your browser's address bar & it should take you right to the appropriate page) . There is even a handy food storage calculator to help you determine exactly how much food storage your family is probably going to need. A pretty great tool to have, especially if you're just starting on this food storage thing and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Trust me, I've been there... in many ways, I still am there. :-)

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