Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eerily accurate advice from Rod Serling, Helpful info from the Health Ranger & December's THRIVE LIVE!

Here's some great post from and other sources too.

I realize this is front the Twilight Zone & very dated, but it definitely describes why a person needs to prepare while they can.

And since it is the Holidays, I know we're all worrying about packing on the pounds from all of those holiday treats. Here's some helpful information from The Health Ranger:

I think I may need to print this one out for reference myself.  :-)

And of course, I have some awesome updates from Shelf Reliance - Thrive foods Chef Todd Leonard...  (You know I have to post it because he always has such yummy recipes and who doesn't like some good - and hopefully healthy - food?)

It's just under 30 minutes, so I'd have your favorite drink and a comfy chair handy.  :-)

And .. Yummy... Mushu beef stir-fry!

Here' some more great deals...

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